Each memory of lives leaves traces. A trace is the accumulation of fortuities, assemblage of differences and the witness of carved history. This history only can be discovered by whom watches it and there’s an unique beauty inside. I rework on my observation to bring the eternity to the ephemeral states and to let them speak about themselves. By giving a corporeity to an instant, the fleeing memories can be exposed.
An artwork connects the artist and visitors to communicate over the time and the space. This experience makes audiences to see the world in wider and different way. I think art brings extraordinariness to ordinary life. Once experienced another way of life, we understand the world with more sensibility. My work transformes my memory into your experience : I come from exterior to awake hidden stories around you.

Living in Paris, France
tel. +33 (0)6 17 81 29 65


2023 : Secret in Water (upcoming)
            Artist residency Tsung-Yeh Art and Culture center, Tainan, Taiwan

2022 : Caverne
            Galerie 67 in Village Swiss, Paris, France

2021 : Kkot, bit
            Glass Polygone, Horanggasy studio in Gwangju, South Korea

2020 : Hors Faix
            Artist residency Lizières in Épaux-Bézu, France

2019 : Witness salt
            Tsunami-attacked house in Sendai, Japan 


2022 : Teum 
            Galerie Marguerite Milin in Paris, France  

            La maison de la Corée in CIUP, Paris, France

           Les tons d’air
            Galerie-librarie Impressions in Paris, France

           Synthesis of relationships

            Art polygone, Horanggasy studio in Gwangju, South Korea

           18e Biennale de l’art contemporain
            La maison des arts plastiques in Champigny-sur-Marne, France

2021 : Film Festival in Forest 
            Horanggasy hill in Gwangju, South Korea

           Loei Art Fes.
            Wat Neramit Wipatsana, Dasai District Loei, Thailand

            Souvenirs, souvenirs (duo exhibition)
            Crous gallery in Paris, France

2020 : Hors Vers (duo exhibition)
            sometimeStudio in Paris, France

            Art Number 23 in London, England

2018 : Nobudam Space
            Millenium gallery in London, England

            Petit Kawa (with Atelier Tadashi Kawamata)
            Café Héloïse in Beaux-art in Paris, France

2017 : La tête en fumet
           Maison du Japon in cité internationale universitaire in Paris, France

           Olfactory project
            Saga university of art in Kyoto, Japan

2016 : Habité 
           Ancient and contemporary museum in Epinal, France

           Le jour et la nuit
             Trésor in Epinal, France


  2023 : Tsung Yeh art and cultural center in Tainan, Taiwan (upcoming)

  2022 : La générale Nord-Est, in Paris, France

  2021 : Horanggasy studio in Gwangju, South Korea

  2020 : Biennale de la poésie hors des murs, Panarea, Italy

               Lizières in Épaux-Bézu, France


  2020 : Paris x Berlin édition 2020 Crous x Studierendenwer 


  2021 : Lecturer for Munye Center, Horanggasy studio in Gwangju, South Korea

              Online lecturer for contemporary art class by professor Yoko IWASAKI, Saga university of art, Kyoto, Japan


  2016-2020 : Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne university
                        - BFA and MFA in Fine art with distinction

  2014-2016 : Ecole supérieure d’art de Lorraine à Epinal
                        - Preparation for DNAT diplome, option image narration

  2005-2008 : Korean animation high school
                         - Majoring cartoon